Since 2015, Sunderland Football Club have not had a technical director. With the situation looking like it’s about to have a positive development, it may be pleasant news to the ears of fans of the club.

Since the position at the club has been left vacant, transfer decisions, choices, as well as actions have been questionable. The loss of talented and potential players, especially youngsters has also been a constant occurrence at the club, raising questions as to whether the club is really planning to move forward or to remain stagnant.

The club has witnessed the unfortunate departures of top players like Bali Mumba and Josh Maja in the past, including a host of others who left as a result of the poor handling and management of the football club.

However, with a new technical director expected to fully take over that position at the club, there is hope for a brighter future – one that will see the club try harder to tie down talented players to new contracts instead of allowing them to leave the club.

The Sunderland Echo reports that the incoming sporting director Kristjaan Speakman has drawn up a list of what he wants to do at the club to spark an improvement and a huge turnaround. Part of or the major goal of the highlighted ones is keeping players at the club and making them sign long-term deals.

Also, he indicated that he will be carrying out an investigation regarding why players reach a certain stage at the club and then decide to look for a move away instead of renewing their contracts.

Fans will be glad to hear such news given that they are also in support of the fact that talented players should not be allowed to leave, especially not for free.