Micah Richards Receives Trolls on Social Media


Many of the renowned figures have urged the general public to donate money for needy people. They initiated the campaign by donating considerable amounts to those funds as well. Micah Richards also donated a mare 50,000 Euros to two different charitable funds made by Leeds and Manchester United. But some of the social media activists have trolled this noble work as a publicity stunt by the former Manchester United skipper ahead of the 2nd lockdown in Britain due to the increasing cases of corona virus infections. He announced his donation through Twitter where he mentioned that some more people will die due to some of the most unfortunate reasons like loneliness, depression, job loss, and some more. Thus he has donated the amounts to these two charitable funds to protect the interests of some people at least.

But the social media generation has marked his charitable move as a publicity stunt and has trolled him due to the announcement. Micah Richards has expressed angry reactions against these trolling and has marked them as embarrassing. After he left football he is now working as a football expert for different channels from 2019. He has expressed his disambiguation saying that there is nothing to do if a good act of donation becomes negative for some of the people in this world.

Some of his fans stood beside him and called the trollers jealous of Richards as he has contributed the amount for the good of people. The prime minister of Britain Boris Johnson has announced that the country is going to face the second phase of lockdown from 5th November as there is an increasing trend in the corona virus infection in the country. The English defender has defended his team’s castle in many crucial clashes and now he is in the battle against corona virus to safeguard his nation as well.