Adama Traore Suffers Shoulder Dislocation For Fourth Time


Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santois in doubt regarding the health of the club’s striker Adama Traore. The player has suffered a dislocation in his shoulder in the match against Sheffield United. This is the fourth time his shoulder has been dislocated in the field. If he is to go through surgery he will be missing out the games in the present season.

Traore was injured within the first two minutes of the game but he stayed at the pitch for another 77 minutes enduring the pain. Espirito Santo has expressed his concern for the player as he knows the problem has been pestering himas the forward was sure it has eased during the three-month-long breakdown.

The manager said that he is in pain but he is a strong boy. The thoughts regarding the injury arepresent in his mind but in the field, he kept on fighting against it. The coach believes that he can overcome this situation.

Traore returned to training as usual on yesterdayand he has previously thought of going for the surgery after the end of the current season. But with the advent of lockdown as minimized the break after the season and it seems like if he is to go under surgery he will be missing out the beginning of the next season.

The decision of his to undergo surgery wouldn’tbe a problem if the club has been sitting on mid position. But he is one of the reasons for the club’s victory and they are in the race to join the Champions League. He in this season for the club has appeared in 25 games. They are also currently in round 16 of Europa League and will be facing the Greek club Olympiakos in the leg two of the match as in the first leg it ended up in a tie for 1-1.