Carvalho on Manchester United

Former Chelsea player Ricardo Carvalho believes that Manchester United should keep faith in Jose Mourinho and give him more time to change things around. He believes that he is one of the best managers in the world and that he is the right man to bring success to the club.

He understands that there is some frustration from fans as Manchester United has been inconsistent this season and struggled in the league. He believes that Jose Mourinho should be given more time to build a team that can challenge for the title.

Ricardo Carvalho said that Jose Mourinho needs to make some new signings as he feels that the current squad lack quality to challenge for the title. He said that teams such as Manchester City and Liverpool are stronger and that there need to be more quality signings.

He believes that Jose Mourinho already know what type of players he needs and he will be pursuing them during the January transfer window. But he believes that it is up to the club to provide the financial resources as well to sign the players.

He said that Jose Mourinho is a great manager but he will not be able to do miracles if he is not given enough money to compete in the transfer market. He said that you just need to look at the amount of money that clubs such as Liverpool and Manchester City have invested in recent years in order to become competitive.

Ricardo Carvalho said that the current Manchester United team has some good players but they need some more experienced players in order to become competitive. He does not think that it will be wise to replace the manager at this stage but instead, they should just stick with Jose Mourinho for the long run.